Everything is about the same as the other posts on different cities. No one fell down. There were several pops, etc. I wish they would send the hula hoops and guys with the tricks to the circus. I go to see skating. Really enjoyed the show. Didn't realize Nicole Bobek wasn't with them any more. We were in the second row but where the rink starts turning. Not real good seats. I must say that Kemper sure is a hard one to get around in. No way to get to front rows without going down many steps. And no hand rail. I had to hold on to the usher.
It's one of those arenas that have the seats so close together you hardly have any knee room. It's been there many years and I think it's time they improved it.
The arena was over half full. Better attendance there than others lately. They're right about Tanith. She is just so beautiful. A wonderful evening and only made better to be with my "Angel daughter". :chorus: