They really struggled to fit all 12 songs into a one-hour show. They cut out every extraneous word they could! In the (brief) preview, showing the band debuting their sound to the hopefuls, I note that Patrice bobs her head like the girlfriend of guy in a band - the girlfriend who goes to all the shows and actually doesn't get the music at all, but goes because that's what girlfriends do. Also, the band's music sounds like T. Rex, which I didn't expect.

Lukas, Bittersweet Symphony: I thought he was trying too hard at the beginning, but I like his voice, and I liked the ending.
Zayra, Call Me: She either has very poor breath control, or doesn't know how to use a mic, because her voice kept fading out. This was just all over the map - zayra can't seem to decide what kind of performer she wants to be, so she tries everything all at once. She also looks like Ashlee Simpson v1.0.
Dana, About a Girl: I thought she should have gone home last week, but this was FAAAAB! I loved the rasp in her voice, the growling expression, the clean and focused look, and the way she ended the song. If this isn't the encore tomorrow I'll be mad, because nobody came close tonight.
Patrice, the Black Crowes: Boring song. Good voice; boring singer. If she really wants to be a rock star, she needs to stop going to her colorist every five minutes. She sassed Dave and he torched her in return. <yawn>
Toby, White Wedding: I liked this rendition a lot, but it kind of fell off a bit at the end.
Magni, Heroes: Vocals were very good, but it sounded more like the Wallflowers' cover than the original. I think Magni should have changed the arrangement because anyone would sound lame on this compared to David Bowie.
Ryan, I, Alone: I hate Live, but this was in fact the perfect song for Ryan. He made me really like this song. His interactions with the band and the audience felt very authentic, not like 'stage moves'. Great job.
Jill, Brown Sugar: For some reason, she reminded me of Tina Turner in this. She had great rapport with Gilby in the beginning, but I thought it was odd she'd be grinding all over him. I was glad he mentioned it. It seemed a bit 'bar band' overall.
Phil, One Headlight:...hey speaking of The Wallflowers! I like this song, but Phil seriously screwed it up. He couldn't find the notes at the beginning, brought all kinds of intensity to a song that isn't intense, and his vocals got lost in the guitars. I will defend him about the head bobble though - I didn't notice it at all, and had no idea what the band was going on about.
Dilana, Time After Time: I got chills from this. Dilana looked like she knew this song was supposed to trip the contestant up, and she looked like she was having a ball. She makes really wise choices in everything she does. Her voice reminded me of the chick from the Divinyls tonight.
Josh, No Rain: Ugh, another song tossed in to make someone struggle. In order to succeed, one would have to majorly change the arrangement of this song IMO. Josh's voice sounded good, but the performance was a big nothing.
Storm, Anything, Anything: I didn't know what this song was unitl she started singing - I love this song!! I didn't love the performance, though. I just can't even look at Storm anymore - her expressions and her stance just ruin it completely. She looks like she's a member of GLOW. This song needed a nuanced delivery, and she just steamrolled over it. She's got the rock attitude, but she's heading in the wrong direction. BTW, with her voice, she should be fighting for a Blondie song.

My ranking: