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Thread: New Johnny Q & A July 2006

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    New Johnny Q & A July 2006

    I love this. Johnny sounds good, and seems to be maturing. Enjoy

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    He does sound more mature. Did not diss anyone, and gave respectable answers to all the questions.

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    from Eun (from Korea)

    Q: Hi!! Johnny!! I feel most of the press and media are more interested in your off-ice image than your original skating ability. Especially they focus on your shopping habit or fashion style. And sometimes I find some articles are very critical about it. Do you agree what they're saying or describing about you? Do you like their image making?

    A: I can't control anyone or anyone's opinion of me. I do think my off ice persona is more picked on or popular or something than what I do on the ice, but that's just the way it is. I skate hard and train hard and I'd rather have people picking apart my life than my skating. It's kind of nice that people can't find as many things wrong with my skating as they can find in me.
    Loved this answer.

    from Julie

    Q: Hi Johnny! What do you think of Alexei Yagudin as a skater and a person?

    A: Alexei is an incredible skater and he really started so many trends in mens skating and made it interesting again. His rivalry with Plushenko was also very exciting. He is a lovely person, very strong minded and opinionated, and he is also very caring.
    I think so too!!!!!

    Interesting Q&A's.


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