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Not sure you guys got my drift. Last time we saw either Joe or Tarasova they'd been sitting together for hours crying over those memories of Alexei and Ilia as they nibbled Toni's Reindeer Sausage. I heard Tatiana Anatolyevna say she felt as if she were back in Siberia...

and I don't think she was in any state to realize she couldn't be in Siberia because she was wearing a black leather bikini. (Who knew what was under those coats?)

Don't mean to gossip but there could be trouble so I'd better say it - there were four empty bottles of white Zinfandel next to them.

And we know Joe - as a teetotaller - can't handle booze.

Where could they have gone? Who would have been driving? (or did MM lend out another of those machines?) And... what could they have been doing?

It's so confusing!
Piel, can handle this one. blush, blush. All I was doing was sitting quietly in the weeds.