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Thread: Alexa Rae Joel

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    Alexa Rae Joel

    I have to admit that Christie Brinkley's recent woes prompted me to do a search on her child with Billy Joel. Seems like she is following in her father's footsteps as she is starting her career as a singer/songwriter. I think her voice is wonderful.

    Here's a link to her site.

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    I was wondering if this was some new little skater that Joe didn't tell us about yet!

    Thanks for the link, Heyang. I don't usually like too much music other than classical, jazz, opera, and country, but her I like and I think I know some others who would like her too!

    I hope she gets along with her mother too, who must be going through a tough time..

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    Not too bad! She sounds a little too chirpy at times, but overall I really like her sound.

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