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chuckm, I&B and O&L were like bad mirror images of each other. I&B would skate poorly at nationals and O&L would skate poorly in the Grand Prix. I prefer (and have long preferred) I&B. But I'd have to say that both pairs were inconsistent, I&B less so. And this last year was so wonderful for I&B. I was so thrilled for them.

The question that the original poster asked was could N&L beat I&B at Nationals. And given that I&B have always skated (well since 2004 anyway) some of their worst programs of the year at Nationals (this year their SP was their worst), it's an outside possibility, particularly if they try a quad throw, since that is such a risky move, and a fall on it can so damage a skater that they have trouble with the rest of the program. Rena is such a trooper though! If anyone can skate great after a huge fall with blood on the ice, it's Rena.
Well they can put the quad as the first element, if she falls on it, she could just skate around shaking it off for 5 or 10 minutes and then carry on with the rest of the program...they could easliy get silver medals!!!