Well, I got some bad news the other day. My husband's teaching job was eliminated. He had already signed his contract for the next year and its only 2 weeks until he is supposed to start again. He went to Maine (we live in Michigan) to work at a basketball camp for the summer and was planning to go back to his normal job soon.

I just don't get how this school (a "Christian" school, nonetheless!) can "eliminate" a persons job without giving them any notice. Now, there are no teaching positions available and we are stuck in a really bad place. If they had let him now at the beginning of summer or at least told them about this "elimination" possibility, we could have sent out some applications, and he wouldn't have gone to Maine for the summer.

So, I need some words of encouragement! I've started to send our some applications for him, and I really hope that something comes up. However, I'm really worried because we have no savings (he didn't make enough for us to save) and we have only a little time before we are depleted.

I'm hoping that we can get some help from Unemployment or welfare until he gets a job. I am doing student teaching this semester, so that really limits what I can do, however I teach about 30 piano lessons a week, so that helps!

Please send encouraging stories! What have your experiences been with filing for welfare, food stamps, or unemployment. I am new to this!