Hi everyone and sorry if this topic has been rehashed too many times. I heard that Emily Hughes uses hinged skates (am not sure if this was only rumour and/or I misread, though). Can anyone enlighten me about these skates? Do they resemble the clap skates used by speedskaters in any way? When I played hockey, I wanted to try clap skates, but my dad told me that what I'd gain in speed, I'd lose in terms of control. Do these hinged figure skates increase a skater's speed but not allow them as much control as traditional skates?

Here are some other random skate questions that I was wondering about; please have patience as I don't skate myself but have been reading here and there about the lack of technological development over the past century when it comes to skates.

1) Are there any "Nike Air" skates out there - with a cushion of air or gel in the sole that makes it easier on the skater when landing jumps?

2) Can edge jumps be done on hockey skates? (And no, I'm not going to try this at home.)