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Thread: Navka: "We might stay eligible" (or not)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linny
    Wouldn't having some of these skaters with such great success as eligibles return to Moscow as coaches help add to the stable more than for them to continue as eligibles?
    It depends. Great skaters aren't necessarily great coaches and some less than stellar competitors are great coaches. There's no necessary correlation.

    That said, if I were Piseev (horrible thought) I'd concentrate more on support for coaches and promising skaters rather than just keep eligibles around for longer than they may want.

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    I agree with Mafke. I believe Teaching in general is a calling. Some people have this love to teach and get great satisfaction out of watching their students progress in their discipline. Some people teach for the money and the results vary substantially.

    Piseev and others connected with the old political system, still retain the glory of the motherland and want to keep it strong. I believe they will instill national pride in their students. This could work if the student buys it.

    There is no absence of talent in Russia figure skating. The question is whether the new wave of skaters will be competiting for the State or competitng for themelves.


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    I think their going pro ! I idolize Tatiana and Roman so I'm really sad.

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