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Thread: New trivia game...

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    New trivia game...

    ...but this one has <em>prizes</em>.:D

    Eltamina and I are going to start up a new trivia game, involving music and other topics, on another thread. But to get you in the mood, here is a trivia question about trivia questions.

    <strong>Q:</strong> What does the word "trivia" mean?

    <strong>A</strong>: In medieval times learning was classified into the seven "liberal arts." ("Liberal" means "free" and refers to "free time." Only rich people who did not have to work for a living could employ their time improving their minds by studying the "leisure arts."). They were

    The Trivium ("three roads"): Grammar, Rhetoric and Logic; and

    The Quadrivium ("four roads"): Arithmetic, Geometry, Music and Astronomy.

    A student went to "grammar school" to study the Trivium, then graduated to "high school" to learn the Quadrivium. So "trivial" means, related to the lesser and easier course of study.

    If your friend ever happens to say something important and profound, you can say, "Gee, that's quadrivial."

    Now, aren't you sorry you opened this thread?:lol:


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    we have a winner

    In that thread.

    The inaugural winner is skatingcanuck!!!

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