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Thread: Former Iditarod Champion, Susan Butcher, dies at age 51

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    News Former Iditarod Champion, Susan Butcher, dies at age 51

    Not that a lot of you even know who she is, unless you follow the sport of dog sledding or just the Iditarod, she's not a sports icon to the general public, but she's the equivilent of Michelle Kwan up here.

    She won the Iditarod four times, and was/is the second female to win, period. I grew up idolizing her and cheering her on each year.

    She was diagnosed about 8 months ago with Leukemia, and was really much through with the worst when it came back even more aggressive than before.

    It's a very sad day here in AK... Rest in Peace, Susan!

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    Well, I, for one, actually know who she is, mainly because the Iditarod, at least during the years she was winning it, always seemed to be going on same week as either the Nationals or the Worlds, can't remember which, so I'd be paying more attention to the sports pages and ESPN Sportscenter and all that.

    I had heard she was sick. This is sad news indeed.

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