I think Johnny is a beautiful skater. His lines, posture and movements across the ice are as graceful as any skater before, but do you think that he has the competitive spirit it takes to win a major title, such as worlds or Olympics? He has often said that he wants to make a mark and make skating interesting, but hasn't really worried much about his placement. Even at the Olympics he claimed that he didn't really care where he ended up in the standings. Do you think he really has the fire to turn it on in competition? Of course, we have seen him really come through before, so I hope he has the same passion for competing as he does for performing.

I know that there are many that don't like Evan L's style, but one thing you have to admit is that he is an awesome competitor! I really wonder if he will be our national champion this year! I do like his style and loved his "Carmen," but I would rather not see it again this year.

I am so excited to see the outcome of nationals this year as there has been so much talk of Johnny being put on the backburner to Evan.

I'm just not sure if Johnny gets into a competitive zone before he skates. Of course, I can't read his mind and I don't really know what he is thinking, but thats just what it looks like to me.

What do you think? Will Johnny turn on the competitive fire this season? He certainly has the potential to be the best in the world, if he really goes for it!