Ok. So I have this intern who I love very much (such a little worker bee and she has no problem running & fetching & filing... we work this girl like a dog and she's always happy to pitch in and do her share...so its not a laziness issue...)

However, she has one little thing that my co-worker and I disagree about... she's a crier. A major crier. Generally over personal issues like her mom pissed her off or her boyfriend didn't call back. Work things slide right off her back. She learns and moves on.

Now, I am of the school of "suck it up and don't be a baby." My co-worker is a lot more nurturing and encourages her to "get it out because you'll feel better." My position is that its dangerous for smart, intellegent, ambious young women to get in the habit of working their personal issues out on the job and a big part of the intern experience is to learn professional behavior and whatnot. (yes, the irony of asking that while posting on GS during company time is not lost on me....)

My co-worker feels that my thinking is what is wrong with the women's movement.

What do y'all think? Is there a right answer?