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Thread: Olympian bounced back after illness (Irina article)

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    Q: What message do you bring with you to Stockton?

    A: I think when people don't work, (when) they just sit at home, they are dying. It doesn't matter if you have some problems, you have to live a normal life. You have to go shopping, meet with your friends. Do anything to feel you are an alive person.

    Q: Does your celebrity status help the cause?

    A: Of course. I'm like a role model for everybody. I have to work hard, and I can show everybody that everything's possible in this life. It's not magic. I'm just one who has this problem. My doctor said lots of people have this disease. I want to show everybody it's possible. It's possible to be normal. This is an important thing to under-stand: You're like everybody else.

    Q: Has your illness made you humble?

    A: Maybe. When you go (so far), you start thinking, "OK, what's next?" It's opened for me so many new ways. It happened to me, it's bad, but I find new ways, new places, new things in my life.

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    I know many are divided on whether Irina is a good character or not, thanks to mant tounge in cheek remarks, but I believe her story is a inspiring one.

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    Thanks RD for the link. Finally an interview with Irina even though
    it was a short one.

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