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Thread: Movies that still make you Cry?

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    Movies that still make you Cry?

    Movies you have seen more then once and got the tears or "swelling sniffles" coming each time...

    The Princess Bride
    Ice Castles
    Mulan - most Disney animated or not.
    Memoirs of a Geisha
    Spirited Away
    Somewhere In Time
    Eat Drink Man Woman - like 6 times in the movie
    Rase The Red Lantern
    It's a Wonderful life

    What is it about Movies, or the stinking Lifetime channel, Oh and the torture of the "Hallmark Movies?"

    For me It would be just about any movie that has the Romantic factor involved. Especially those "Happy Crys," And if I see a girl in the theater crying I am a loss then and forever with that movie.

    Funny thing though, real situations or even Documentaries and sad news usually don't get to me (sometimes FS has got me too). Even attended to a death roadside and didn't choke up and still don't thinking about it, CPR / First Aid training I guess. But every once and a while.....

    Or don't movies make you ever cry?
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