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Thread: Terms and Definitions - Draft

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    Terms and Definitions - Draft

    Quote Originally Posted by Mathman View Post
    You had a great idea a while back, Seanibu, to get together a glossary of skating terms for GS. Maybe someone will have the ambition to follow up on it, for the benefit of both new fans and old.
    Quote Originally Posted by SeaniBu View Post
    Maybe I should do that as an educational experience for me. It might mean a lot of proof reading from others though.
    Quote Originally Posted by Theatregirl1122 View Post
    Maybe we should start a thread to brainstorm which terms should be included and then we can work on putting it together. If we start with a list of terms we can break up the work and have everyone make sure we aren't forgetting anthing.
    I don't know where this will go for reference later or If I should have started this here on the "Edge" or "Lutz"

    I think it would be nice to have here at GS "somewhere" for easy reference.

    So let's all pitch in Feel free to correct me at will

    I think it might be good to include slang terms used here as well, like "snark" - my definition would not be good for that.

    The Mods I guess will decide what they want to do with it and hopefully edit/correct and contribute.
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