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"For specifics or more detailed complete definitions, use your search engine and type, Define: and then the term"
Do you mean that you're going to make a searchable list of definitions?

If you just mean that people should go to Google or whatever and type the word define and whatever skating term they want to define, that will not work very well. Many of the terms have other meanings in non-skating contexts that will get most of the hits.

3. And in looking over the Ladies SP Scores I NEED HELP with abbreviations
Things like,
LSp4 - is that a Layback spin with 4 revolutions?
CCoSp4 - combination Hunh?
SlSt2 - spiral what????:banging:
The numbers at the end refer to the levels of the elements. Remember that under the new system most elements, except jumps, are assigned levels depending on how many special features they contain.

LSp4 is a level 4 layback spin.
CCoSp4 is a combination spin with a change of foot (the first C represents the change of foot)
SlSt2 is a level 2 straight-line step sequence.


These instructions for skaters on how to fill out planned program content forms also explain how the element abbreviations are constructed.

The scale of values (for the latest versions see ISU communications 1396 and 1400 for singles/pairs and dance, respectively) list all the named elements by full name and then give the abbreviations, base values, and values of the negative and positive GOEs for each.