So I would like to get all-event passes from Thursday to Sunday, and I've just called and been told that all Platinum passes (out of my price range anyway) are sold out and those seats are the first 8 rows. Apparently Gold passes (from rows 9 - 15, approx.) are $195 and the Silver (rows 16 and up) are about 70 bucks cheaper. Is it worth it to spend the extra 70 bucks on better seats? I haven't watched figure skating live in a really really long time and I don't remember - can you really appreciate it from high up or is it signifcantly better lower down? (I know that sounds like a dumb question, but I am on a student cost range here, lol.) Also, how do practices work? Can you get as close to the rink as you want for pictures, autographs, etc. or do you have to stay in the same seats that you are assigned for the competition part? And are the practice schedules released ahead of time?

Answers to any of these questions would be greatly appreciated. I'm almost ready to book tickets, but I heard that doesn't start until next week. And I think I'm gonna take a train and stay in a hostel. Who else is going?

P.S. Are we 100% sure yet that ice dance teams D/V and Den/Stav will be there as scheduled?

Oh I want to go so badly.