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Thread: Questions for people GOING to Skate America in Hartford, CT (I need help)

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    I'll probably be going just for Saturday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasper View Post
    Right now I'm frustrated because I can't speak to anyone at the Hartford Civic Center (all stupid automated messages) and ticketmaster keeps selling individual day tickets. They have no clue about all-event passes on ticketmaster but I do know that Platinum is sold out so some people must be finding ways to purchase all-event tickets! I'm gonna keep calling Hartford Civic Center until I can speak to someone. Oh gosh, I hope they're not all sold out already! I wasn't home this past week to purchase them.
    Have you tried calling the sports management group listed on the website? I think you have to leave a message and then call them back, but that is how I got mine. Not by calling the civic center box office directly. I am sure they are not sold out.

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