I am asking this on behalf of my music loving daughter. I am turning over control of the keyboard.

Though I am not the skating junkie my dearly beloved mother is, I am a fan. Looking over mom's shoulder as she watches vids of the greats (and atrocities), I've noticed that many skate to Rachmaninov's 2nd Piano Concerto. However, I've noticed that they tend to stick to the first two movements, but never the ecstatic third. I'm curious if anyone has, in fact, skated to the third movement and if they might happen to have a recording of the performance. It would be interesting to see.

Also, who cuts the skating music, in general? Yes, I realize that skating to an entire piece would take up far more time than allowed. But I've noticed that many cuts are poorly done - choppy. Very very choppy. Painfully, agonizingly choppy with little in the way of flow.

Thanks in advance for any information you could bestow upon me as to this topic. I am now turning over the controls to my mother, bless her soul.