Blackrose and Attnfan - Thanks for the links.

SO.... It's a team thing. US v. Japan and US. v. Canada.

Only 3 US skaters mentioned for Ladies and 3 for Men.

I presume there will be 3 Japanese Ladies and 3 Japanese Men. I've seen quite a bit of the US Ladies. I was hoping for Bebe, Katy and Alyssa whom I don't see that much of. The !apanese Ladies will be more interesting to watch, imo.

If Scott Smith doesn't fold, he will be an eye opener. He's right up there with Lysacek and Weir. The Japanese Men, I hope will be Takaheshi and Oda and another upcoming star.

then the US. v. Canadians which could be a tight race if we knew who the Canadians are.

All this, and the Synchronized Champs from Miami.

The format is a welcome change and good luck to get all this in LIVE in two hours.