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Thread: You want to Judge? - "sorta"

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    You want to Judge? - "sorta"

    Here is Fumie's SP from the 06 Olys with no commentator or crowd. file size does not exceed 10mb for your ease. Plus that is why I used a familiar pro - well.. that and.....

    YouSendIt video

    FileFactory video
    choose your option of download then begin download following page

    Mark your TES with the element (base value of the element and the +3 / -3) = your score given.
    Say the Double axle was clean got the 3.3 and you gave +1 • you post -
    2a = 4.3

    is that correct?

    Reference for element value - Thanks again Mathman,00.pdf
    page 29 starts table

    In my mind the "artistic" score would be added in the Kiss and Cry - announced there for placement and to keep some of the "suspense" alive.

    The boarders on the left side are for the TES to come up on.

    The name(s) of the element(s) on the bottom - as identified by the TS (or you in this case because I want to do it all at once and if there are discrepancies I will say 8 of 12 called it a 2a so it is, instead of a 3a which 4 called it. That will be the name on the bottom of the screen.)

    The running total of points adding as the individual scores came up for each element on the left "board" will be added on the far right bottom "board".

    • I think you know what is going on here. First 12 to submit I will start working this up with their scores.

    • If you want the file / video but are exsperencing issues and can't reteve the ones posted, let me know (PM or post) and I can try other options for you.

    BTW, that is how well the music was edited in her Oly SP.

    If you want to remain anonymous feel free to send the results to me directly, PM or EM.

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