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Here ya go.

so you did it anyway
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Sean, don't let us nervous Nellies discourage you. This is a great idea. We are just afraid of looking foolish by calling a CiSt4 instead of a SlSt3.
Believe me I had the same fear Even if I copied the "real McCoy" I would have been afraid of the " SeaniBu, I can't agree with you calling that a..." Why do you think I wanted everyone else to do it.
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To follow up on GKelly's suggestion, .... ISU judges' oversight committee is supposed to review your marks for evidence of incompetence and bias).
That is the plan, but now I need to go and put the "calls" in so this can start. I also wanted to only have to put in "text / numbers" at once. But I need not be so lazy, let's see how quick I can get this, the terms and the rest of my life going. Hopefully before Oct

I still want to fix everyones "video viewing issues" - please everyone tell me what happened if you could not get the vid to play or download or whatever message you received.
email or PM I don't care, I just want you all to get what you want, GSers deserve it!