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By the way Mathman do you think Arakawa's 2004 Worlds winning performance would have had the two 3/3s ratified had COP been used? I believe that day they were fully rotated, I would probably check on film sometime though. She would have had 2 jumps in the short program that year though downgraded to doubles if I recall correctly which would have killed her, not only her triple-triple combo, but her triple flip. Her triple flip was downgraded in the short program twice this year as well.
I'm going purely off (slightl unreliable!) memory here, but the the triple on the back of the lutz in the SP (was it a toe or a loop, i cn't remember) was definitely a half turn short) and i think the second half of the Lutz combo in the LP was also short on rotation. The 3/3 off the salchow i think looked clean though.