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Thread: Jessica Rose Paetsch & Jon Nuss?

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    Jessica Rose Paetsch & Jon Nuss?

    Has anyone seen them skate together?

    They are sort of an odd duo, IMO, since she's 13 and he's 19. He's also a foot and 2 inches taller than her, but I know she'll grow. But for now they've got the same distance between them as Dorota Zagorska and Mariusz(sp?) Siudek. lol

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    I saw them skate at the Indy Challenge.
    Absolutely Fantastic Team!
    Their pairs and singles skills are awesome!

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    Their website, hosted by Figure Skaters Online, is

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    She kind of reminds me of Daria Gordeeva Grinkova, with her facial expressions. The girl looks like she has guts. I can't wait to see them on TV.

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