Inspired by seeing my first Halloween candy display of the year, I went crazy at Hastings and loaded up on horror movies, some good, some not so good.
Best one of the bunch so far is without a doubt Ginger Snaps, in which two 'misfit' teenage girls are attacked by a werewolf, with rather, umh, hairy consequences........

This is NOT a comedy, and being a Canadian rather than American movie, does not pull many punches and does not mollycoddle the audience.
Not for the faint or weak of stomach, lots of gore, but not gratuitously so, well acted, good special effects, and about as 'realistic' as a movie of this type can be.
Belongs in the library of all horror- and werewolf- movie fans, I've ordered both the sequel and so-called 'prequel', if they're half as good as the first one, they're worth it.