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Thread: Golden West competition in Culver City, CA

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    Golden West competition in Culver City, CA

    Golden West is the All Year Figure Skating Club's annual big club competition in southern California (sort of like the Liberty competition of the west coast) -- it began on Thursday and goes through tomorrow (Sunday). Event schedule and skater roster by level:

    Senior Ladies withdrawals that I've heard about so far: Danielle Kahle, Sandy Rucker, Crystal Shum (all in Group B).

    Senior Ladies Group A FS results from Friday night:
    1. Becky Hughes 72.64 - landed two 2A (one in combo with 2T), 3T, couple of doubles, and had nice fast spins
    2. Bebe Liang 69.72 - rough night with 4 falls and a popped lutz, landed 2A and a 3T but nice spirals and spins including a beautiful layback that began and was held in the "classic" position
    3. Jessica Martino 68.14
    4. Danielle Shepard 65.25
    5. Amy Evidente 63.59
    6. Joanna Webber (GBR) 63.25
    7. Erin Reed
    8. Tetona Jackson
    9. Stephanie Dal Porto
    10. Trina Robinson
    11. Kristy Evans
    12. Shandra Eastman

    Group B: No results yet, but Tenile Victorsen (coached by Angela Nikodinov) appears to have had the best skate of the two groups by far (music was Rachmaninoff's 2nd piano concerto). Jumps reportedly were: 3S, 3T-2T, 3R(fall out), 2A, 3T, 3S-2T, 2A.

    Top 6 in each of the Sr. groups advance to the SP & FS. The SP is tonight.

    Senior Men' SP took place today -- still waiting for results/news. It's an impressive roster for a club competition: Ryan Bradley, Derrick Delmore, Nicholas LaRoche, Daisuke "Dice" Murakami (has moved up to senior in the U.S.), Braden Overett, Parker Pennington, Dennis Phan, Daniel Steffel, Michael Villarreal, Jordan Wilson. All of these guys have competed previously at U.S. Nationals.

    Senior Pairs: I was told that Nam and Leftheris were a major highlight on Friday, skating "a marvelous Spanish-themed [short] program, very dramatic, with beautiful sbs 3 toes and lots of other good stuff. Great speed and power."
    N/L's USFS bio lists the "Jealousy" [Jalousie] (tango) as their SP music and "Caravan" as the FS. Tiffany Vise/Derek Trent placed 2nd and the new team of Katie Beriau/Alex Merritt were 3rd in the SP.

    Junior ladies qualifying FS took place on Friday and the top 3 scores were: Caroline Zhang (106.72), Mirai Nagasu (93.66) and Victoria Rackohn (83.07). Zhang reportedly landed 2 triple lutzes (one in combo with a 2toe), two triple flips (one in combo), and the rest of the triples in the program. Her impressive spins and spiral sequence most likely received high levels and GOE.
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