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Thread: Mira Leung Has a New Coach

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    Mira Leung Has a New Coach

    Seems Mira (and her mother) have finally made arrangements with someone to coach Mira for the new season ... her Skate Canada athlete bio has been updated:

    Christine McBeth was a pairs skater from the 70's. Christine and Rob Dick won the 1973 Canadian Novice Pairs Championship and the Bronze medal in 1974 in the Junior Pairs event. She then changed partners and skated with Dennis Johnston, they won the Bronze medal in Seniors Pairs at Canadians in 1975. I don't recall if she competed beyond 1975.

    I know Christine was quite successful at the Regional level with her skaters, don't recall how well she did at the Sectional (Provincial), Divisional or National level. The only singles skater I can recall Christine taking to Canadians, was a former senior ladies competitor by the name of Shannon Allison who had, during her competitive years, been taught by Cynthia Trudeau (later Ullmark). Shannon came out of retirement and was coached by Christine during her comeback attempt for a season or two.

    I can say though, Christine is definately a person who knows what she wants and is determined to get it. She very much likes to be in control and in charge of her environment. She is the boss! It will be interesting to see how this latest union plays out.

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    This will be another tug of war between the coach and Mama Leung. Mama isn't going to give up control willingly, and once again Mira is caught in the middle.

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