Hey guys, I would like to know about how the US system works. Tests, levels, different classes, basically EVERYTHING. I am probably not making any sense, so I'll try with an example.
If I came and moved to the US and wanted to compete, what would I need to do? Like tests and what different kinds. I'm only interested in Singles

If you still aren't clear on what I'm looking for, I'll describe our system so you'll get an idea on what I'm looking for.
Here in Sweden we first devide by age. Easily described the classes are;
0-10 Minior
10-15 Ungdom
15-19 Junior
19 and up Senior
(There is also a beginners class but that doesn't really count. No age limit, no skills required)
Then we go by skill which is determined by two sorts of tests, the Basic and the Free.
The Basic is steps, moves on the ice and parts from the old school figures. Just general stroking is included too. There are 6 different Basic tests
The Free is jumps and spins. 6 levels there too.
In the age groups there are 3 different classes. A B and C. The A's are the best ones, then comes the B's, well you get the drill. To be in the different classes you need different tests. Like to be in Ungdom A, you need Free3 and Basic3. But to be a Junior A, you need F4 B4.
I am currently in SeniorB but is working my *** of in hope to become a SeniorA before November (Sectionals [A's don't have to qualify from Regionals]).

So please, anyone, explain the system to me. If you have some great website somewhere where it's easily explained, I'll be happy for that too. But I'm not that super great with the real posh formulations they tend to put in the "official" documents on like ISU.
So... any takers?