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Thread: International events practises?

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    International events practises?

    I am going to Skate Canada and it's my first time, I was wondering if spectators can watch the practises?

    Ive read people going to practises, but never sure if they had 'special' passes or something? I've got an all event pass, so just wondering if I was allowed to go watch the practices?

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    I had all-event tickets for the 2001 Worlds in Vancouver, and this included the practice sessions. When I got my tickets, they were in book form with a ticket for each event plus a "practice pass" for the whole week, where you could just come and go during the practice sessions as you pleased. I should think that your all-event pass for SC would follow that same principle. People who didn't have passes I think were charged like a $5 admission or something like that if they wanted to attend.

    However, there were 2 practice venues at that event -- General Motors Palace, where the event was actually held, and a smaller arena whose name escapes me, just under the bridge and down the street. I believe my pass only applied to the GM Palace sessions and if I'd preferred to see the sessions going on in the other venue (practice schedules should be posted somewhere) I would have had to pay to get in, I think. I don't know if Skate Canada, being a much smaller competition, would have 2 different practice locations or not.

    (The best thing about it is, for practice sessions, you can sit where you want! It was great to attend practice sessions and sit in the "up close and personal" front row of the arena as opposed to the "stuck in the rafters" seats I had for the actual competition. )

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    Actually, I just posted on announcements - this weekend Vancouver is hosting a free exhibition of Team Canada skaters - Jeff, Joannie and Patrice and Marie-France to name a few will be there demonstrating their new programs. My mom, my brother and I are going. It will be at the Pacific Coluseum.

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