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Thread: An amazing future star - Caroline Zhang !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MKFSfan View Post
    I would venture a guess that it is a variation of a catchfoot. AP had an amazing one, and I remember it being called something like a "sideways variation of a layback." I think many fans associate anything that a skater does when grabbing their skate and yanking it above their heads a beillmann. But a beillmann is one position, a variation of a layback, meaning, I don't think there are variation of beillmanns...??? But I don't know! I think the following link is a chinese spiral and not a beillmann position, yet many fans called it a beillmann spiral:
    Technically i think both the Biellman spin and the layback spins are variations of teh the upright spin.


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    Yes, I know that. I guess I just didn't classify it clearly. My point was to say a beillmann is one position (should have said variation of an upright spin) and many fans seem to think anytime a skater grabs the skate and yanks it up, it is a beillmann. I just don't think the catchfoot layback is a beillmann. Neither is a Chinese spiral, which many do and I've seen fans label it "one handed beillmanna" or "1/2 beillmann".

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