How different 15 years makes! Everything seemed so much smaller, especially the castle. Granted Sleeping Beauty's castle isn't as tall as Cinderella's anyway, but I just felt more like an 'adult' at DL than I ever have at WDW (Walt Disney World). But my best friend and I still had a blast.

We got up early on August 31st, planning to be at the park by the time - or really before - it opened at 9. We made it in plenty of time to make it there, but there was a slight hitch. The directions from where we were staying to the park was wrong. Mind you we got the directions from so it took us a long time to not trust those instructions. We figured we missed a turn or something. So after about 45 minutes of driving in circles we stopped in at a Marriot Courtyard. Asking them was like asking a rock. They had no idea how to get to DisneyLand. They sit about 10 minutes away from the park and they don't even flipping know? How are they even working there? LOL!

We finally figured it out by going into a gas station and asking. When all else fails, find a gas station, right? and we were on our way! Got there an hour after opening, but didn't have a long wait at all. It was surprisingly uncrowded (is that a word?) and it wasn't long before we made it into the park.

First thing on our agenda was getting breakfast. We were STARVING. We ended up getting Mickey waffles, just like I had when I was 5. After breakfast we hit the park 'running' heading to the Tiki Room... and from there it was just go go go! It was a blast. It wasn't like what I'd remembered, but that was a great thing. Reliving Disneyland was just so cool. I really wish we'd had more time... but all in all it was well worth the 7 hour drive down.

so here are some of my photos... if you're bored enough to want to see lol

Doesn't he look like Smee from Steven Spielberg's Hook??? LOL

more photos can be found here