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Thread: My Review !!

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    My Review !!

    Hi everyone!

    as I told you before I went to see the Grand Prix Junior in Mexico City..well I only get to see the ladies free and the gala exhibition and also I went to the closing banquet in wich I could dance and have a lot of fun with the skaters..

    I was surprised about this, they say she withdraw due to injurie but I think she felt insecure..It´s a shame because she is very talented and I like her skating very much.

    13 Camille FOUCHER FRA 73.02 8 13
    Poor thing! She was so nervous and falling in avery jump at the warm up, she also fell in her performance. The Frech were very supported to her.

    12 Corene BRUHNS MEX 73.09 12 12
    (sigh) Why do mexicans can´t jump? I´m tired of that she is very good skater but very inconsistent she could make it better but ok... I trust her. she still have future.

    11 Victoria MUNIZ PUR 74.97 11 11
    WOW! Puerto Rico in a Figure Skating competition!! She skated really nice unfortunly she got very tired at the end of her program and began making mistakes.

    10 Colleen BURKHEAD TPE 79.27 10 10
    She skayed to Romeo and Juliet in a dress quite similar to Sasha´s jaja!

    6 Loretta HAMUI MEX 93.48 4 7
    To be honest..I didn´t like her very much and she came out right after Caroline Zhang.. so that didn´t help at all but least a Mexican girl got more than 10 place.

    5 Haruka INOUE JPN 98.52 3 6
    What a power af these Japanese girls she is a jump machine!!

    4 Mutsumi TAKAYAMA JPN 98.85 6 4
    So does she.. their scores are very similar...

    3 Yea-Ji SHIN KOR 105.19 2 3
    Great flexibility... she is very thin jaja and white... she did a beautiful performance

    2 Sonia LAFUENTE ESP 108.83 7 2
    Really great...beautiful and very confident she gave us a huge surprise Good for her!!!

    1 Caroline ZHANG USA 162.43 1 1
    And the little prinsess that became a queen.. Amazing, gorgeous, beautiful...she blew us off... she took everyone´s breath away...wonderful jumps, wonderful spiral sequence and wonderful layback....just brilliant.

    The ones I didn´t mention is because I don´t remember their programes.
    That same day at 9:00 pm was the closing banquet wich at first was very elegant and everyone was very quiet and shy but mexicans are used to... started to play music with a lot of rhythm and everybody started dancing..Skaters were very happy and all of us had a lot o fun and ended up without shoes jaja!! I too myself a lot of pictures with them it was very exiting and a very good party.

    The ones I liked the most in the Gala Exhibition were 5 Mark VAILLANT FRA what a carisma..beautiful performance.. 1 Emily SAMUELSON / Evan BATES USA wow they have a lot of future ..wonderful and of course the littles queen
    1 Caroline ZHANG USA Beautiful she almost get me tears I just loved her

    (sigh) Well that was it I know I didn´t talk about technical stuff but even thoughI hope you enjoy this

    Greetings from Puebla Mexico Nadia

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    any mens review

    thanks for the review did you watch the mens competition! 'll be great if you can post a review of that.!!

    thanks a lot!

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    Thank you for posting your impressions, Nadia! It sounds like you had a great time.

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    Hey, cool! Thanks for the report.

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    Caroline Zhang!

    O my gosh! 13 years old and already a dynamo! Move over Mao Asada! Watching a practice program...every triple flawless, beautiful spins, Sahsa Cohen spirals, artistry and emotion. I can't wait to hear about her from nationals. Skaters keep getting younger and younger. It seems a good thing, but are they pushing themselves too hard too fast? There's more and more injuries in skating now, and younger and younger skaters are being forced to end their careers before really taking off. Maybe it's the way of the future, but it seems kind of odd. Injury prevention....
    Well, anyhoo. Let's just hope that Caroline makes it to 2010! What an amazing skater! Her and Kevin Reynolds of Canada, plus Mao Asada, worlds will be intereseting very soon....combine them with the pwoer and grace of joannie Rochette, sasha cohen, jeff buttle, emanual sandhu. Skating is on a whole new playing field now.

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