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    Song Recommendations

    Funny or whatever...????
    But my mind was thinking of songs you wouldn't normally hear or even come across.

    Now that is possible to download just a song so easily to add to collections what would you recommend? Preferably something downloadable for free / royalty free.

    Here is one that has been rolling around in my head for days -
    It's called "Come" by Namie Amuro
    copy and paste the link below in your browser
    Sorry, but the place first I found it for free zips (only place I found it easily).
    It was used as a song from the show Inuyasha and it was free at their site It is listed in Ending Songs as Come the 7th ending song. But they spelled her name wrong?? It is "kinda cheesy" but for some reason, I love it.???? But the rest of her music I have never been fond of.

    There has been discussion regarding this for skating programmes, so maybe this would be nice for "anytime" enjoyment as well.
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