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Thread: Commercials featuring Skaters-Videos

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    Thanks for posting. Plushenko's candy commercials are cute and he seems to have a comic flare. I loved the Dirty Dozen.

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    You're welcome. I don't know if I welcomed you to the board, yet. So, WELCOME KittyJake!

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    Thanks Annie! I have some more skating commericials too I'll put them on youtube as well
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    The Plushy ones are so cute!

    I always liked the Hershey's skating kisses.

    I'm enjoying them all.

    Here's one that Todd did for Cook's Champagne in the late 1990's. He's kind of in the shadows, but it's definitely him.

    Bring on some more!
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    Thank you for adding to the collection, Teresa! I'm so addicted to U tube lol

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    My favorite is the Jamie and David Master Card commercial. I remember it well when they were in Skate Canada that year. It was cute.

    Here is featuring Jeff Buttle for Visa:

    Also a Visa commercial featuring Kurt Browning:
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    Where's Seanibu? He'd love to see Fumie and Carolina, I'm sure! lol

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    I love this thread!!!! Thanks CA for starting it.

    I liked the making of as well -
    Fumie's hair is darling!!!!!!! , Miki is so cute and Shi Chan looks Beautiful.

    Carlolina's were really good, most fond of #3.

    Still love the Jamie and David. I need a outfit like that. I guess if I was a fan of Japan I could go as a big red dot.

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