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now with year long indoor rinks in southern china, the figure skating can be popular in southern part of china. They can use the same strategy develop the figure skating programs like other sports where strenghth is not the core demand but the delicate skill and, percision is the core demand. Such as gymnastics, diving, etc.
figure skating can't compare with gymnastics or diving. What figure skating needs is not only skill and percision.

I believe that Zhang Dan and Zhang Hao would not get olympic gold in Turino even if they successfully had finished the quad. That means percision and technique are not the decisive factors in figure skating.

Now, for Liu Yan and other Chinese figure skaters, the main problem is not skill or percision, is understanding the music, expressing the music. They need more dance training, ballet training, and music training. I don't think figure skating in China will be as good as gymnastics and diving, even in several years later.

That's only my opion, hehe!