I have had trouble with something digging up my plants in the pots and window boxes. Finally caught it one night and watched and it went under my shed. A possum! So far, we have trapped 3. There must be more because something dug up my plants again. The police dept. just left it here until we're sure there aren't any more. At first, they told me that I had to take it in the cage out into the country and let it out. That would have to be on a dirt road. I don't do dirt or gravel roads any more since they had to take us out throught the windshield when our pickup pulling the trailer tipped over and we were in a ravine. Thank goodness the trailer had good brakes and kept it from rolling any further. It was so iffy my brother went to a neighbors and they hooked their tractor and rope to hold it until authorities came. Also, I don't drive where the places are'nt well lit.
Well, I didn't say much and the police man went ahead and took care of it. We have a really good police force, except for the chief and he has such a hot temper, They should never have hired him. Anyway, sure hope I catch the last one tonight. I still need to go out and put some dog food in the cage. Been using apples but they didn't seem to want that last night.
p s We just had scrapes and bruises but they couldn't get my blood pressure down so they kept me for several more hours than the others. The funny part was I had a tv ariel on the pickup and the way it landed, in a crevice, that it wasn't damaged at all.