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Thread: Qualifiers

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    Well? Who has qualified or is it still too early to say?

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    JGP Men's standings after 5 events (w/ 3 to go):

    JGP Ladies' standings after 5 events (w/ 3 to go):

    JGP Dance standings after 5 events (w/ 3 to go):

    JGP Pairs' standings after 2 events (w/ 2 to go):

    Guaranteed to make the JGP Final at this point:
    Austin Kanallakan, Juliana Cannarozzo and Ekaterina Bobrova/Soloviev in dance (all with the maximum 30 points from 2 events) and Gorshkova/Butikov in dance (28 points).

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    I'm kind of leaning toward several ties which have to be broken to get into the GPF.

    I forget the rule on breaking ties, and too lazy to look it up. Can anyone just brief me and others too.


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    Here are the rules for tie breakers (scroll down to pages 5 and 6).,00.pdf

    The first tie breaker is best placement in a single event. So a first and a third beats two seconds.

    The next is total CoP points.

    It would be a miracle if any ties remained after that, but just in case, there are 5 more tie breakers after that.

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