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Thread: What's Happening in U.S. Regionals and Sectionals?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spun Silver View Post
    It may be accurate to say there's a slump right now if Kimmie is the US's top lady skater. She is too bland too be a star, as yet - maybe in time. However, with people like Zhang, Musademba, and Ashley Wagner coming up, I think the slump will be over soon. And the "Princess" will be back, IMO.
    I think you still need to give Meissner time to have her style evolve. Kwan was much the same way starting out...all technical and until she had two seasons under the guidance of Lori Nichol. I think Kimmie will continue to mature and find a style that the audiences and judges will be drawn into. She does not have the exotic look of MK, but more of a girl next door look, much like Janet Lynn. Zhang and Wagner are juniors and still have yet to move to senior, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Musademba is a Novice, her first year at "big" nationals....give these last three girls a chance to go through puberty before the hype machines take over.

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    Nigel - I like your post and I would answer it but this thread is getting heavy so I will make a separate thread for discussion.


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