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Thread: Extra DVDs Already Made for Sale or Trade

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    Extra DVDs Already Made for Sale or Trade

    I have the following extra DVDs to sell or trade. They are already made up and ready to ship. PM me if interested. I can take Paypal. I will ship internationally. Trades for good quality tapes/DVDs that I don't have are welcome. Many of these were made for someone who didn't follow through.

    DVD #1: 1965 World Championships (ABC). Ladies free (includes 16 year old Peggy Fleming), pairs free (includes Protopopovs), mens free. 1968 World Championships (ABC). Pairs free (including the Protopopovs), mens free, ladies free (including Peggy Fleming), and free dance.

    DVD #2: 1976 U.S. Nationals (ABC). Short program of Dorothy Hamill, pairs free, mens free, free dance and ladies free (including Dorothy Hamill, plus interview.)

    DVD #3: 1982 World Championships (CTV). Pairs free, mens free, ladies short (Katarina Witt age 16) and ladies free (also Katarina Witt).

    DVD #4: 1984 World Championships (CBS). Mens free, ladies free, free dance and exhibitions.

    DVD #5: 1986 World Championships (CBS). Ladies free, mens free and free dance.

    DVD #6: 1988 U.S. Nationals (ABC). Mens free, ladies free, interview with Boitano, Trenary, Thomas and Kadavy.

    DVD #7: 1988 Olympics (ABC). Pairs short and pairs free part 1.

    DVD #8: 1988 Olympics (ABC). Pairs free part 2 and mens short, mens free part 1.

    DVD #9: 1988 Olympics (ABC). Mens free part 2, ladies short part 1.

    DVD #10: 1988 Olympics (ABC). Ladies short part 2, ladies free, plus exhibitions by Brian Boitano, Katarina Witt and Debi Thomas.

    DVD #11: 1989 US Nationals (ABC). free dance and mens free. 1990 US Nationals(ABC). Pairs free and ladies free.

    DVD #12: 1989 U.S. Nationals (ABC). Pairs free and ladies free. 1990 World Championships (CBS). Pairs free and exhibitions.

    DVD #13: 1990 World Championships (CBS). Mens' free, ladies free and free dance. Also has footage of ballet star Dame Margot Fonteyn.

    DVD #14: 1992 Olympics (CBS). Mens short, mens free (part1).

    DVD # 15: 1992 Olympics (CBS). Mens free (part 2), ladies practice, free dance, ladies preview, ladies short program.

    DVD # 16: 1992 Olympics (CBS). Pairs free and exhibitions.

    DVD # 17: 1994 Olympics (CBS). Mens short program, dance highlights, Inside Edition interview of Tonya Harding, Artistry on Ice (programs of Gordeeva & Grinkov, Nancy Kerrigan and Oksana Baiul.)

    DVD # 18: 1998 Goodwill Games (TBS). Pairs, mens and ladies free and exhibition part 1.

    DVD #20: 2005 World Championships (ABC/ESPN). Pairs free (final 4), ladies short, free dance (part 1).

    DVD #21: 2005 World Championships (ABC/ESPN). Free dance (part 2), ladies free.

    DVD #22: 1979 World Championships ESPN Classic Canada. Free Dance (Wighton & Dowding, Torvill & Dean, Moiseeva & Mininkov, Linichuk & Karpanosov), Ladies free (Janet Morrisey, Denise Bielmann, Linda Fratianne, Annette Poetzch, Dagmar Lurz, Emi Watanabe + medals), Pairs Free (Underhill & Martini, Cherkasova & Shakrai, Baes & Theirbach, Babalonia & Gardner)
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    I have updated my list and still have the remaining listed DVDs available and ready to ship.

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