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Thread: Megan Hyatt’s music

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    Megan Hyatt’s music

    Buy this CD!

    U.S. Junior champ Megan Hyatt is skating to this astonishing composition by modern classical composer Henji Bunch, the Concerto for Piano Trio and Percussion. (Click on #2 in the play list, the last half of what you hear is sort of the idea.)

    This was composed specifically for the Ahn Trio in 1996. Lori Nichol combined it with a violin version of Summertime for Hyatt’s LP music this year. Here, courtesy of Youtube, is Megan’s performance at the junior Grand Prix event in Courcheval, where she finished second. (Unfortunately the quality of the sound is so bad that the music sounds awful, but pretend it sounds great, which it does on the actual CD.)

    Now I have a new favorite to root for at U.S. senior nationals!

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    Please, please root for Megan! I skate with her one day a week and she works so hard and tries so hard to be couteous, even with the old ladies that we are out there to stay out of our paths during lessons.

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