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Thread: USFSA Rules for International Skaters

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    USFSA Rules for International Skaters

    I should really know this answer myself, but I don't....does the USFSA allow non-US skaters to skate in its regionals? I noticed that Daria Grinkov-Gordeeva (sp) is competing at NE Regionals as a Intermediate...perhaps she has citizenship and I'm just unaware of it....

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    Daria has dual citizenship -- she was born in New Jersey.

    Inga Rodionova (who represented AZE) is registered to compete in Senior Ladies at New England Regionals. As long as foreign-born skaters file the required paperwork with USFS by the specified deadline, they are allowed to compete in U.S. qualifying competitions, including Nationals (i.e., pair skater Yuko Kawaguchi and ice dancer Daniil Barantsev at 2006 Nationals).

    ETA link to USFS' "Non U.S. Citizen Application to Compete Form" links:
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