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Thread: The Style of Ladies at Skate America

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    The Style of Ladies at Skate America

    Which of the ladies competing at Skate America would you enjoy watching most based on their style? I am really trying to figure out which of the skaters competing at the event have more to offer than jumps.

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    2006 Skate America Lineup


    Mira LEUNG, CAN
    Idora HEGEL, HUN
    Kiira KORPI, FIN
    Miki ANDO, JPN
    Mai ASADA, JPN
    Mao ASADA, JPN
    Viktoria VOLCHKOVA, RUS
    Sarah MEIER, SUI
    Emily HUGHES, USA
    Kimmie MEISSNER, USA
    Katy TAYLOR, USA

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    I'm looking forward to seeing what Katy Taylor can do, because I haven't really gotten to see much of her, but of what I have seen, I like her spunk.

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