Someone was talking about the voting. Here is some interesting info.

Should the 'Idol' Votes Be Audited?

Anyone who cares knows that Ruben beat Clay. Anyone who cares knows Ruben Studdard is the new "American Idol." And anyone who was cheering for Clay Aiken is now wondering about the very close results, especially because it's not exactly clear how close the tally was. And we can thank the show itself for this confusion that harks back to the days of hanging chads.

In the first hour of the Wednesday night finale that was a ratings bonanza for FOX, host Ryan Seacrest teased the audience, revealing there was just a 13,000 vote difference out of 24 million votes cast by fans. Then as the big moment came and the winner was announced, Seacrest said the difference was just 1,335 votes. Huh? After the show, the producers gave a new number: 134,000 separated Ruben from Clay. Which number is right? That question has prompted some to call for an audit of the results, and a FOX network source told The Drudge Report the vote count will be reviewed internally.

Reporter Matt Drudge writes: "But now serious questions are being raised about the integrity of the final 'Idol' vote, and the entire franchise may be at risk." That may or may not be true, but the ever-changing vote count is confusing to fans who had their hearts set on one or the other contestant. The FOX source told Drudge that the network stands by the vote count, saying, "As far as we are concerned, the votes are not in dispute. We are looking at how the bad math got on the air."