On Pro 7 this evening [which I can pick up via satellite] - Kati Witt doing the presenting and coaching, she's such a bubbly character, even skated at the beginning with members of Holiday On Ice. Lots of Zuper and Zenzatzionel all over the place! Daniel Weiss on the Jury, still wearing that wig.

Plenty of boobage on view, both Kati's and Annette Dyrtrt's....ooh and Mikkeline Kierkegaard's!! She's grown up!

Other skaters were Rene Lohse, Denise Biellemann, Norman Jeshke, Kati Winkler, and Silvio Smalun.

Cute male presenter, rivalling Silvio (swoon!), flirty with Witt, though the show dragged a bit, with adverts, it was 2.5 hours long.

On Judge's scores, they do tech and artistic out of 6.0, Winkler 1st, Silvio 2nd, Denise last place.

Only celeb I recognized was Heike Drechsler, the athlete, but she's 6ft plus so dwarfed her partner Vladimir.

After the public vote, Biellemann & Partner were still last, should've been Drechsler, so Denise is gone already after week one.
She still looks amazing, as does Witt, who must be 40, Denise must be even older, but great to see her on TV again, however briefly.

Interesting choices of music too! Including Lordy, the Eurovision Heavy Metal winner!

TV Website: http://www.prosieben.de/lifestyle_ma...feis/index.php

If you get Pro 7, it's on every Wednesday, 8.15pm CET, 7.15 UK Time.

Just received some info from a friend,
Biellemann's birthdate is Dec 11, 1962; Kati Witt's is Dec 3, 1965.
They both looked stunning!