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Thread: 2006 Merano Cup

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    2006 Merano Cup

    This was actually held 3 weeks ago, but the results were not posted that weekend; I happened to stumble across them while searching for something else.

    Interesting note: 8th in Junior Ladies went to an Austrian lady named Delphine Kristofics-Binder. Longtime fans may remember CLAUDIA Kristofics-Binder, the 1982 European champion and World Bronze Medallist in '81 and '82. Wonder if Delphine is maybe her niece? Surely if it was her daughter, she'd have a different last name?

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    Hmmmm? Interesting question. Thanks for the info. Hopefully we'll find out soon. Probably not alot of competition in Austria [strange as they're such a great Winter Sports Nation in Skiing etc] so maybe we'll see her soon competing at Euros and Worlds.

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