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Thread: Thursday practises - Ladies

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    Thursday practises - Ladies

    Group 1

    Before r/t saw gorgeous 3f3t and 3z from Yu-Na / 3z with turnout from Lesley / great 2a from Joannie / 3z2t from Binshu / nice 3f from Lesley /

    Yu-Na Kim - easy 3f3t / nice 3z / fabulous layback into pretty beillman / ina into 2a /

    Lesley Hawker - starts with a spin that she was just marking / back spiral into lutz that she doubled / and then singled the axel / not sure about last jump think she doubled it - far end of rink and there was traffic so I couldn’t really see it / (by the way Joannie has been landing triple after triple but I just keep seeing her in the air and not the takeoffs) same with Yoshie /

    Alisa Drei - Pagannini - she just the the opening moves / Lesley landed a nice 3z2t then a 2a and fell on 3f / Alisa just did a spin but isn’t really skating much of her program / O ftwrk is nice and into the closing combo spin / there’s a clean 3f from Lesley /

    Joannie Rochette - 3f3t with a bit of 2ft on the toe / she’s just skating bits & pieces / nice 2a 3t2l from Yu-na / great ftwrk by Joannie / and a combo spin to end /

    Binshu Xu - 3z3t I think it was a 3t anyway / 3f fell out hand down - she did a bunch of nice ones earlier / spiral seq is good right into 2a / combo spin is fast & centered with great pos /

    Yoshie Onda - Jpanese music / nice opening moves / 3z2t / 3f wild on landing but clean / I like the ftwrk but not quite sure of shape / combo spin to end

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    you are....

    Always thank you for your detailed report!
    Good Luck, Yu-Na!

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