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Thread: An Evening with Scott Hamilton & Friends on Ice reviews

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    An Evening with Scott Hamilton & Friends on Ice reviews

    Did anyone here see this show with

    Ilia Kulik
    Kimmie Meissner
    Jozef Sabovcik
    Yuka Sato
    Michael Weiss
    Ina and Zimmerman
    Caryn Kadavy
    Steven Cousins
    Silvia Fontana

    A couple reviews have been posted at:

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    Yes, I went this past Saturday. They did a different format this year. Everything was done in concert format, so there was no introduction of the skaters until the very end. That worked fine if you knew who they were, but not it you didn't. Most of the crowd didn't know who Kimmie was when she skated, but later she got a really nice round of applause in the closing when she was introduced.

    Scott's wife and son were there, and the little boy is now the spitting image of Scott. His hair is really blonde like his mom though.

    The musical guest was Three Dog Night, and the skaters were Ilia, Kimmie, Jozef, Yuka, Michael Weiss, Kyoko and John (2 full numbers from them - one with Liz and Jerod), Caryn Kadavy, Punsalan and Swallow (also 2 full numbers - one with Kyoko and John), Steven Cousins, Angela Nikadinov, and Silvia Fontana. Frankly, I didn't take any notes - just tried to enjoy the skating for its own sake. Everyone skated to live performances. With the exception of Angela's number, I think that they did a fairly good job of matching the skaters to the music. There were solos from everyone plus 2 small group numbers (one for pairs/dance and one for selected singles) along with an opening and closing. When Kyoko and John first came out, I heard this woman to my right say "YUM" - it was all that I could do not to laugh! It was really nice surprise to see Liz and Jerod and Angela as neither had been announced for the show. The crowd was the biggest that I've seen in years at this event. It seems like this year they did some promotion at local skating clubs since there were groups of skaters and families in the crowd - including the mom, daughter and friend in front of me and the family (mom, dad with 4 kids behind me).

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