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Thread: Few photos...

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    Few photos...

    The on ice pics were crap, since disposable cameras just ain't the thing...but here are some of the off ice pics from Skate Canada from the "Section 106 crowd" (my new friend I was sitting with offered to send me copies of hers as well)

    YuNa Kim, after her beautiful LP

    Ya/Wang, Chinese ice dancers

    Todd Gilles (he and Pratt and Varner were all on the same puddle jumper from Victoria back to Seattle today)

    Shawn Sawyer...I was tempted to ask him to put his foot up over his head, but thought better of it

    Putnam/Wirtz (he was just done yawning when I snapped the shot)

    Alissa Czisny, always smiling for fans

    Lefebvre/Markov, who were very happy to have their own banner

    Michael Coreno (and he, poor man, has a picture on his camera of the two of us together...I am sure there has been use of the "delete" button)

    Jamal Othman, my stuffie throwing buddy

    Still sorting through the Skate America ones, because some of those are actually good...Skate Canada was much shorter to sift through, sigh.

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    Nice collection, Kasey and well done with a throw away camera.


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    Thanks for sharing!

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    thanks for sharing. I especially like the pic of Alyssa.

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