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Thread: Britney Spears Ice Skating ???

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    News Britney Spears Ice Skating ???

    "...Rockefeller Plaza Tuesday night, as Britney Spears appeared upbeat, if a little off balance, as she took to the ice skating rink just hours after filing for divorce in Los Angeles."
    Is this going to be good or bad for the sport???

    Announce a divorce and hit the Ice. Makes sense to me

    Things like, "How to Get Britney's Ice Skating Look" are coming up, so hey teenage boys you better learn to skate 'cuse it sounds like the girls are going to be looking good at the rink. Of course that means less room for me to skate, but since I stopped Jumping (still doing little waltz "hops") I don't need as much room and welcome any new fans.
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    Well, any kind of activity has to be better than hanging with K-Fed, right??

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